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      In the construction industry 94% of companies are small businesses. Economists estimate that today only one third of medium-sized companies can obtain a bank loan.

      It is considered that the real estate market is basically a solid structure with a decent capital. But the statistics of the Ministry of construction says that among the companies that are in the area of attention of the Ministry, almost 94% are micro and small businesses and only 3% are medium and large. In Russia there are programs and the state Corporation of development of small and medium-sized businesses. People always talk about the most important role in the economy of the country, but small and medium businesses have many difficulties right now, at least in the real estate market, where all the recent legislative initiatives clearly asked to disperse and give way to solid, with a decent capital. Business is small, problems are big and the head of the Committee for entrepreneurship in sphere of real estate economy (CCI RF) Alexander Kanshin emphasized one of these problems — Bank financing.

Alexander Kanshin
the head of the Committee for entrepreneurship in sphere of real estate economy in Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

"We pay attention to the fact that in this difficult situation, we do not see even prerequisites to stimulate the economy. In all countries — the "Asian tigers", Western countries, USA develop and apply the incentive package during the crisis: tax relief, subsidies and subventions, rent holidays and, of course, a Bank loan. Last year the academician Glazyev was speaking about 4-5% and the forum «Russia calling!» was mentioning 5%.  Although, of course, the owner of the forum "Russia calling!" was just saying that if small and medium businesses have no field of activity, then there’s no point to lend it. The forum is called "Russia calling!" Calling?? Nobody calls that way."


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