Official invitations



CEO of the National Association
of Unions of the Armed Forces Reserve Officers
(MEGAPIR), Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the International business congress


   Dear colleagues, friends!

The turbulence of the global political situation raises difficult challenges for the Russian economy and Russian society. In these circumstances, the business community and the public authorities should adopt a unified policy aimed at sustainable and efficient development of all sectors of the economy in line with international best practices, proper substitution and the expansion of international political and business contacts.

The era of focusing on Western society as the only right model of development rooted in the past. Thanks to a sharp spurt of Economics and technology in the late 20th early 21st century, the modern world is increasingly becoming truly multipolar and multidimensional. Now the business community has a unique opportunity to catch this trend and not be left in the rear.

III international business Congress "Security and protection of business" aims to consider and develop further steps to protect the interests of domestic entrepreneurs, extension of their interaction within the Eurasian economic Union, BRICS and the SCO , strengthening their credibility in international market and other important issues.

The Congress organizers invite you to take an active part in the III International business Congress "Security and protection of business"!


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