The event program






CCI Congress Hall



Section: "Investment climate of the Russian Federation. Investment risks and economic security of the investor's activity"


Key topics:

  • The best regional investment program;

  • Key factors for creating a favorable investment climate;

  • Land and property and tax aspects;

  • Creation of institutions of business and regulatory environment;

  • Development of energy infrastructure in the regions;

  • Investment risks and economic security activities of the investor;

  • Perspective projects with international participation.





CCI Minor Hall

Hall № 324



Section: "Financial and economic security of the enterprise"


Key topics:

  • Fundamentals of successful work with banks and other financial-credit organizations;
  • Financial risk management: currency and credit risks;
  • The availability of credit resources for the implementation of promising projects in modern conditions;
  • Protection of business on the basis of state-private partnership.




CCI  Library

Hall № 310





Section: "Crisis management, restructuring, bankruptcy of companies"



 Key topics:

  • Changes to the bankruptcy law aimed at improving the efficiency of insolvency proceedings (insolvency);
  • Business protection from hostile takeovers by fraudulent and deliberate bankruptcy;
  • Crisis management (mediation, financial reorganization).




Civic Chamber of the Russian Council Hall



Section: "Security of business using the potential of non-state security structures"



 Key topics:

  • Concept development of the private security sector;
  • Industrial monitoring system of NSS enterprises;
  • A comprehensive program of protection of business on the basis of public-private partnership;
  • Implementation of anti-corruption measures in the activities of economic entities. 


14.00 – 15.00

Coffee break in the lobby of the Congress hall 



CCI Congress Hall



General conference "Security and protection of business in today's economy and politics"


Key topics:

  • Business during the period of international sanctions: impact, protection mechanisms, projections;
  • Relevant measures of state protection and support of entrepreneurship;
  • Mechanisms of combating corruption;
  • The capacity of non-state security structures;
  • Tax security business;
  • Social entrepreneurship;
  • Conclusions.


17.30 – 18:00

Summing up the results of business-congress



Business program

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