Objectives and opportunities of Congress

    The third International Business Congress "Security and protection of business" aims to unite public authorities, business representatives and experts for the purpose of addressing contemporary threats and challenges facing the business community.

   III international business Congress "Security and protection of business" will be held in difficult conditions of the global and Russian economy. The state's strategic pivot to the East will be a key theme of the General conference of the Congress in which you are planning to attend ambassadors and representatives of embassies, Federal ministries and agencies, chambers of Commerce and industry and public associations, the special delegation from the people's Republic of China and other participants.
During the General conference will be discussed issues of cooperation between businessmen in the framework of the Eurasian economic Union, BRICS and SCO, relevant measures of state protection and support of entrepreneurship in the conditions of crisis, strategic infrastructure projects of Russia, participation of entrepreneurs in major state projects and the state defence order, as well as other topics.

   The Congress will allow consider questions of protection of domestic business interests, investments in the national economy and develop programs of import substitution in the Russian Federation. The Congress contributes to the development of international business ties and cooperation between the business communities.

Business program